Some brief, incoherent thoughts on privilege

As I was sitting in a tram on my way home today, I was catchinng up on my news feeds, as usual, and I dug into an article on CNET called Untangling your digital life (while embracing it). At first it appeared to me like it was going to be just another essay lamenting how we, as a society, are becoming increasingly captivated by our devices, more and more ignoring the world around us; probably even offering some ideas on what to do about it. And in a way, it turned out to be just that.

As I have just now realized, I do enjoy reading this kind of essays. Maybe I look at them as cautionary tales, to make sure I don't become as addicted to tech as these people seem to be. Even more likely, it's because I am (at least to a certain degree) aware that I waste way too much attention on my phones and computers, and somewhere, in the back of my mind, I am probably hoping to find some answers in articles written by people who are apparently just as clueless as I am in this regard.

That's not the thing that spurred me to write this post, though.

Nope, the thing I wanted to write about is the massive privilege overload present in a single paragraph of this article.

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