Upgrading Postgres from 8.4 to 9.1 on Debian (Squeeze -> Wheezy)

After finally getting a backup server up and running, I could finally proceed with an upgrade of our primary servers. The upgrade path from Squeeze to Wheezy is pretty much smooth, mostly you just need to merge any updates into your config files, which is usually no big deal. Well, except for php.ini, which was about as painful as writing PHP code.

Anyway, the award for the most difficult package to migrate from Squeeze to Wheezy goes to... Postgres. In Squeeze, its version is 8.4; in Wheezy we have 9.1. Read on to find out what you do not want to do and, hopefully, what you might want to do as well.

I recall using pg_upgrade diring the last upgrade. This is a rather painful process because upstream Postgres expects all configfiles in /var/lib/postgres, while the Debian packages put them into /etc/postgres (where they belong, IMO).

So, after a while of googling, I stumbled upon this question where I found out about a nice looking utility called pg_upgradecluster. After a bit more research I found out that it is specifically written for Debian and Ubuntu, which sounds great and actually made me believe a Postgres upgrade might be simple for once.

How naive was I...

First attempt, I merged our custom configuration (mainly pg_hba.conf) into the default configfiles shipped with the postgres-9.1 package. I like to keep my configs as close to default as possible since it is easier to find out what exactly has been customized.

This was a somewhat lengthy process, because a lot of comments and indentation have been changed between the two versions. Anyway, I got that out of the way and tried to follow the actual upgrade process.

However, after running pg_upgradecluster 8.4 main I got the following error:

Error: specified cluster is not running

This does not make it clear in any way which cluster it expects running. Anyway, at this point I noticed two things:

  1. My freshly-merged config files were gone. Just not there. Erased. Without a warning.
  2. postgresql-8.4 had been uninstalled, likely automatically by dist-upgrade.

Installing 8.4 is not that much work, I just had to add the main Squeeze repository to my sources.list temporarily and do an aptitude install. However, the missing config files are a somewhat more difficult matter to deal with.

The first thing that came to my mind was aptitude reinstall postgresql-9.1. Unfortunately, that didn't make /etc/postgresql/9.1 reappear, so I tried to google the package containing the files.

As it turns out, Debian packages handle configuration files in a fairly weird way, or at least postgresql packages do, since they aren't included in any package as /etc. I suspect it might use those in /usr/share/doc, but I'm not entirely sure.

Anyway, to get the default files in place, I had to do the following:

dpkg --purge --force-depends postgresql-9.1
aptitude install postgresql-9.1

This time I made sure to backup the merged files and went ahead with the upgrade:

pg_dropcluster --stop 9.1 main
pg_upgradecluster 8.4 main

Wow, finally, Postgres 9.1 appears to work. However, this time pg_upgradecluster at least warned me about replacing my config files, so to finish up, I had to remove the configs put into place by pg_upgradecluster and replace them with my hand-crafted ones, set their owner to postgres:postgres and that seems to be it.


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